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With innovative and advance thinking, We believe in Redefining IT- We are āKüs IT Solutions

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āKüs ITs With innovation and advancement, we believe in redefining IT for businesses and solutions. With our vision and mission for innovation delivering through variety of solutions in all major industries. Like Banking, Defence, SME, Industries, Environment etc.

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0 Installation

No additional hardware and Software required. Hassle-free PnP Devices

0 Downtime

No Downtime for frequent bulk updates and patches

1 Rack 'U'

Compact in size, easy to mount in Rack and Wall

2 BIS and QCI

Adheres Govt. Certified Safety standard and Service parameters. Certified Components only


Solutions to make things easier

Data Center & IT Infrastructure services

IT Infrastructure and Data Center consists of all components that somehow play a vital role to manage overall IT and IT-enabled operations. Whether you are using it for internal business operations, developing customer IT or business solutions. It is backbone of your all services.

Web & Application services

Web based and application services are face of your services. We believe to handcraft them as your way of thinking. It's your solution, that's why it should be for you only.

AI & Automation

Artificial Intelligence(AI): AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Particular applications of AI include expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision. So, we have intelligent collection of Automation, Machine Learning and Data Science integrated tools from small to large enterprises.

Iot Services

Internet of Things: An ecosystem enables you to get connect with your physical objects via internet. The extensive collection of applications from smart home to enterprises.


Step out beyond the limitations


Innovation Delievered

Hawk Unified NMS IoT Device

Hawk Unified Nms Iot Device

Smart self monitored IoT Device. Help you to take action proactively before bad happenings.



Mining Rig Manager



Automate IT Business Processes

Stackable & Redundant

Stackable & Redundant

Easy to Expand and Efficient

Standalone or Distributed

Standalone Or Distributed

Fits in all requirements